Sunday, October 19, 2008

Connecting with the Natural World

Seeing the natural world through the lens of a camera exposes a different perspective of life and captures my attention in ways that life in the "mainstream" cannot. Spending time in nature, especially the forest helps me to connect with natural systems and teaches me lessons of sustainability, change, endurance, and tolerance. You become aware of how we are connected to the Earth and its cycles.

Photography allows me to be intimate with nature by becoming acutely aware of what is going on beneath my feet, off the beaten path, and in my own backyard - wherever I take my camera. Plants and trees become a focal point as subjects that change continually, shifting with the seasons and responding to a sometimes harsh existence.

The forest is a place where I find purpose and meaning in my life. Here I am free from labels and judgment - where wealth and status have no real meaning. Under the trees I feel small but safe- they are a steady shield against the elements. I can discover my true self and find peace. These trees and diverse fauna and flora beneath their branches are my teachers. The trees become landmarks in time. Each one is unique and has its own story and perspective - much like humans.

I feel passionately about protecting this world we live in, because protecting our natural world is a way to express respect for ourselves and other living beings on this planet. Following natural systems is the way of the future and connecting with nature helps me to understand and appreciate the cycles of life.

How do you connect with the natural world?


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