Thursday, July 30, 2009

Women's Rights

Lubna-Hussein Pants Trial (Huffington Post)

I read this article today - it is about a group of women who defied the law by wearing trousers in public and were arrested (some were flogged and fined $125). Lubna is taking her case to court. It made me stop and be thankful to be a US citizen. It made me sad that a woman would be flogged for wearing pants in public as if her body were not her own to do with as she sees fit. This woman (and her friends) is a hero in my eyes - because it is not just for the sake of her pants that she is fighting. It reminded me that all women, no matter where they live, need to stay vigilant on women's issues.

Articles like the one about Lubna allow us to become aware of the world around us. The way we treat women and girls throughout the world is not sustainable. Here is a quote that puts it all into perspective for me and is why I feel so emotional about this subject:

"Significant numbers of the world's population are routinely subject to torture, starvation, terrorism, humiliation, mutilation and even murder simply because they are female. Crimes such as these against any other group would be recognized as a civil and political emergency." (The Penguin Atlas of Women in the World. Quote by Charlotte Bunch and Roxanna Carrillo, p. 26)

Thank you Lubna - I hope you are victorious in your fight for Justice.


  1. It is sad to me also.. when you think about how women are usually the ones that hold a family together and do the majority of the work around the home, and were also given the special gift of giving life. hmmm doesn't make sense does it!!?

  2. You are so right. It is total BS that women are not revered for their life giving abilities.